Chris Dunham~The Real Estate Guy!: How to save Thousands of Dollars - Stay away from ibuyers

How to save Thousands of Dollars - Stay away from ibuyers

How ibuyers steal your equity from underneath your nose - Stay away for iBuyers

Its not rocket science. In fact, its all black and white, its simple arithmetic. Its how they play with the  numbers that will cost you thousands of dollars. Now, I'm not talking $5,000 to Six Grand, I am talking TENS of Thousands of Dollars! In fact, I myself am a prime example!

I reached out to two ibuying companies,both made me offers, both tried to "spin" the price of the these offers as 'Fair Market Value". Now lets understand this concept, your house is worth what someone is willing to pay for it, and it must, in most cases where the home is financed, appraise at said value.

So when an ibuying company, brings an offer to the table, you need to be prepared, IE, you need to know the TRUE value of your home, not what they tell you it is. They need to make money, they are "today's" investors. They cannot give you "TRUE Market" Value as it would cause them to fail.

That being said, your house is worth MORE than they tell you it is.

Read that again, YOUR HOUSE IS WORTH MORE, always and forever.

That is guaranteed statement too, you know why?  it is. There model, based on my personal experience, can leave up to $60,000 on the table.

Because I sold my personal home for $475,000 (See ibuying episode below). the two iBuying companies I reached out too (referenced in ibuying episode via Real Estate Guy TV attached), made me offers based on their "opinion" of fair market value. One came in at $395,000, the other at $414,000. Both of which, were not "True Market Value. Now I get their is a difference of needs some work to "oh my gosh" this is a total rehab, to BOOM! This place has all the bling and is move in Ready!

Know the difference, know the price variables before you sign on the dotted line. Had I NOT been a Realtor for 20 years, I would have to trust "someone" that the value they are giving me is accurate, when in fact, its not. Get 3 "quotes" just like you should do when you hire a vendor to do work on your car, your house, etc etc. Whenever someone reaches out to me for value, I"ll tell them 3 prices, one at the low end of the spectrum and one setting market value. All of which are accurate, based on the condition of the home-its not rocket science, its research.

I'll put more MONEY in your POCKET than an iBuying company will-its just a fact.

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