Chris Dunham~The Real Estate Guy!: Grant money for 1st timers - Govt buyer programs help buyes buy homes

Grant money for 1st timers - Govt buyer programs help buyes buy homes

Grant money for 1st Time home buyers is available - Up to $15,000 in Grants

I remember when I purchased my first home, I had to save up for my down payment, my closing costs, my home inspection & appraisal costs. What I didn't realize was how much money that truly ended up being! The Realtor we worked with, didn't break it down (the way I do now) so it was stressful. But with grant money out there for 1st time buyers, it truly eases the financial burden of buying a home. Now, some say if you cannot come up with your down payment, you don't deserve to buy a home. I disagree. Renting in Arizona is one of the highest in the country, In fact, near my home, there are a few newer apartment complexes that are renting 3 bedroom units for $2500 a month. You can own a house ($250k) for around the same, if not less. The variables are based on taxes, home owners insurance, whether or not their is an HOA. But at the end of the day, most people would rather Own than Rent, but just don't realize the help is there. Since its basically FREE, why not take advantage of it right?

Had there been grant money for me when I purchased, I would have used it. The "catch" with most of the these programs require a minimum credit score (typically 640) an income limit, the one I use the most, allows the buyer to make up to $99,100 and finally, you have to live in the house for a minimum of 3 years. That's it. 3 Simple requirements, that most buyers hit without realizing it.  Lets get you started today, simply call, text or shoot me an email. 602-321-6188 - -





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