Chris Dunham~The Real Estate Guy!: You have your approval letter - the next step is....

You have your approval letter - the next step is....

You have your approval letter - the next step is....


In this online world, often times it proves difficult to understand the next step in pursuing home ownership. Those that begin the process online, which is virtually 95% of future home owners, follow the guidance of the first person they connect with. This can be troublesome if you don't know who you're talking too, their reputation in the industry and their motive behind referring to someone. Now, I know what you're thinking, "you're a Realtor Chris" yes, I am, and  I am going to refer you to a lender I know because we know how each of us work. BUT, I never force anyone to use my vendors. I recommend them, based on my experience with them. If my client chose to work with my "team" that's great, if not, no big deal, transaction moves forward as normal. The issue I see with lenders referring Realtors, is the game they play.

You see, in my 20 years experience in helping buyers buy and seller sell, we (Realtors) get pursued by lenders all the time, in fact, lenders need to have relationships with Realtors like myself in order to make their world go round. without us, they wouldn't have the volume of business they have. The "problem" with that, they will refer anyone to anyone just to "secure" a deal and create a relationship. With no clear understanding of the clients wants, needs or personality. This can have horrific consequences.

Its always a good idea to research anyone you are planning on working with. Use Google, its an amazing tool. Type in the persons name and you'll see all kinds of reviews and with toady's online presence of most  and lenders, you'll get a glimpse inside their world, both professionally and personally. Make sure you know who you are trusting with what can be the single largest purchase in your life. Investing in your future doesn't have to be stressful and choosing to work with the right people, that fit YOUR needs will certainly help you on this path.

Go ahead, google me, even I get surprised what I see sometimes.

Here's to a banner 2019! If this is the year you choose to embark on home ownership, I wish you the best of luck! To contact me directly, click here





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